"Last Saturday I was searching though my wife's closet, trying to find my dress shoes. I never found my shoes, but I did find my high school ring, and two broken gold chains. I decided to give up on the shoes, and sell the gold!! ;-) I was expecting the worst, something like a used-car experience. HOWEVER it was actually a great experience. I met with Chris over at "Central Texas Gold Exchange". Chris turned out to be a really nice guy, very friendly, really helpful! He went out of his way to explain everything to me, to make sure I was comfortable with the whole process. Actually, I did some research ahead of time on gold prices, and I've got to say his prices were pretty good....better than HEB's prices. Glad I didn't sell at HEB. To sum it up.....If you want a good experience, with a fair price, go see Chris. Really friendly guy, who will do you right. I would actually feel comfortable sending my wife there, without worrying that she'd get ripped off." - Fronz Batot